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Background and Introduction

Vukasambe Investments (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned business and level 3 BBBEE which is formerly registered in 2006. The company registered with the registrar of companies as a private company in 2006. Vukasambe Investments (Pty) Ltd is owned and managed by two black directors. Vukasambe Investments (Pty) Ltd is passionately seeks to provide service in a holistically manner in such a way that contribute to KwaZulu-Natal Economy and throughout the country while complying with public law orders and maintain the status quo of the client's rights. The company has employed 23 staff at the moment.

Mission Statement

  • We strive to be  a service provider of first choice to our client
  • Through the efforts of our highly skilled staff, value-adding services that are focused on the needs of our clients.
  • Our work is results driven for the creation of cost efficient solutions for our clients.

Value Statement

Our core values are under-pinned by the following:
  • Professionalism and independence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and objectivity
  • Investment in human capital
  • Courtesy and decency

    Our commitment to the service industry

    All successfully globalized economies and profitable businesses reflect an efficient service industry which supports them. Key factors which are pre-requisites for a successful business economy and business. Include the following:
    • Efficiency
    • Core business focus and elimination of cross subsidization
    • Elimination of skills redundancies
    • Introduction of mobile skills and versatile skills into operations and management
    • Technologically managed business processes
    • Instant access to technology, business information and the best skills
    • Ongoing skills development in relation to market development

    Company empowerment Policy

    The corporation’s empowerment policy has been to a larger extent influenced by a number of pieces of legislations, such as Skills Development Act. No. 97 of 1998.
    The policy of the corporation also influenced by the principle of investing in people. This principle has been the back bone and driving force of the corporation’s founding mission, and task of execution.
    The company strongly believes in creating opportunities to people who were deprived before. This position was adopted after having realized that the Skills Development Act referred to above, encourages employees to:

    • Use  workplace and learning place
    • Provide opportunities to new entrants to the labor market
    • To provide opportunities to people who would have found it difficult to secure employment before, such as women, disabled, illiterate and youth.

    When the above goals have been achieved, the corporation’s empowerment policy aims at:

    • Improving  quality of life employees
    • Improve labor mobility and career path
    • Improving quality of service delivery
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