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Dial-a-ride ethekwini
Vukasambe Investments prides itself about the patnership with the City of eThekwini in providing disabled people transportation.

Dial-a-Ride (DAR) is a public transport service for people with disabilities who – due to the nature of their disability – are unable to board and/or alight from mainstream public transport such as trains, buses and minibus taxis for their daily commute between home and work. 

Created exclusively for this purpose, DAR is an effort to provide eligible persons with a public transport option that although limited, enables them to become economically active, self-supporting and independent. This allows businesses to employ people with disabilities who would otherwise not be able to travel to and from the workplace.

Who may use Dial-a-Ride? 

The DAR service is exclusively for those individuals with physical disabilities that render them physically unable to board and alight from mainstream public transport to commute between home and work. Formal classification as being disabled does not necessarily make a person eligible to be registered to use the service. To qualify to use this service, prospective passengers are required to complete a registration form and undergo a formal assessment by an independent occupational therapist.

Routes and service

DAR supplements existing mainstream public transport services by providing accessible commuter transport on existing routes. Currently DAR is provided from the nearest point at the kerbside closest to the booked point of pick-up or drop-off where safe to do so.

DAR is provided only if there are enough registered passengers to justify a trip on a particular route. The minimum demand for a route is two registered persons.

In future, the service will be provided only on existing public transport routes, and at existing public transport stops (formal bus/taxi stops and rail stations), where it is safe to board and alight from the DAR vehicles.

Read more on how to register and use the service here.

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